Dipping a Toe into Fantasy

Here’s a rough outline for a fantasy story.


  • The setting is an isolated area, but also a complete political denomination, like a duchy or barony or something like that; possibly somewhere at the edge of civilization
  • The people are split fairly evenly between traditionalists and modernists (not likely to be terms used in the story, just for my reference)
  • The traditionalists follow some of the old rituals and beliefs, some of which have a distinctly magical feel to them
  • Some of these rituals have been proven to be dangerous – children have gone missing or been hurt, people have done terrible things during or due to the effects of the rituals
  • Generally the rituals are not harmful though, they are more like celebrations and harmful incidents are rare
  • The modernists view these rituals as harmful: they feel the traditional ways are holding back progress and endangering people; in general they view the traditionalists as immoral
  • What no one but a few traditionalists know is that many of these rituals are important for the safety of the area – they are used to appease and ward against something; I’m not sure what yet, possibly something to do with monsters from another dimension, or from the depths of the forest or mountains, or under the sea… at any rate, something scary that no one would want to have to deal with
  • The modernists for a political action lobby that gains a lot of strength and influence, eventually enough to convince the duke or baron or whoever to outlaw the traditionalist rituals
  • The traditionalists continue to practice their beliefs in secret, but over time law enforcement officials stamp it out quite effectively
  • The last group of traditionalists are hardcore, and they know the dangers of ending the rituals; they have a cool old name like the druidic torque or something like that
  • The last small group isn’t enough to keep the rituals going to the extent needed, though, and the monsters begin to return
  • The modernists blame this on the traditionalists (out of ignorance, not malice)
  • Soon there are several conflicts taking place: the druidic torque is fighting for its survival against the law and the modernists while also combatting the monsters; meanwhile everyone is coming into conflict with the monsters as they begin to overrun the area
  • Likely at this time other things would be happening as well – the physical world of the area begins to revert to a fantasy state
  • The druids begin to split into two factions, one is comitted to restoring the rituals and returning things to the way they were, despite the fact that the legal and modernist forces would basically need to be defeated for this to happen, the other faction sees another solution – if the leaders or power source of the invading monsters could be destroyed, the world would be safe but could retain its connection to this fantasy state, allowing magic to remain in the world
  • Somewhere in the midst of all of this I need a hero, or a few heroes
  • The rest basically suggests itself: the heroes obviously side with the druidic faction trying to preserve magic in the world, and so begins a quest
  • This would be tough to do without falling into fantasy tropes, but I need a quest
  • Perhaps things aren’t as cut-and-dried as we’d like; these monsters are only monsters from our perspective – the rituals have kept them imprisoned for centuries in this harsh other land where they’ve been barely surviving
  • The druids in some ways now seem like the evil ones, having upheld a tradition that served to save the land for humans while denying it to these ‘monsters’
  • My mind keeps wanting the monsters to be faerie of some sort, but that feels cliched
  • And so the quests unwraps itself slowly as the heroes eventually reach a point where they can destroy or imprison the monsters forever
  • And the big finale is what? Options:
    • turn the tables and imprison the humans leaving the world to the invaders
    • destroy the invaders or cripple them somehow forcing them to be imprisoned forever
    • destory the power of the rituals so humans and invaders will be forced to learn to live together
  • I think I’m going to stop right there, that last one sounds good
  • So what happens is the hero finally understands everything and makes his decision
  • He’s discovered along the way how the rituals work: something to do with a… gateway maybe, something that is maintained by the rituals – possibly the home of the invaders is through a sort of mystical path that connects it to the ‘real’ world, and that path can be blocked off through the power of the rituals
  • The hero decides to destroy the gateway, throwing it wide open and ensuring that the invaders homeland is now permanently part of the rest of the world

There, not a terrible outline. I need to flesh it out quite a bit, and something about destroying the gateway… I wonder. Maybe the druids give the hero a device to use to destroy the power source of the invaders, and he uses it to destroy the gateway instead. Hmm.


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