Here’s the completed “Earthrise” poem. I get feedback on it next week, so it will be interesting to see what people think of it. Frankly, I don’t consider myself much of a poet, but this was a fun exercise.


The Sun its path that day did stand

as to my kin and me

for an eon it did offend

mocked us with liberty.


Our hunting lodges had been masked

as laboratories

libraries where our trophies basked

the unknown our quarries.


The crew’s thoughts in their furtive glance

to shore tremulous smiles

the more knowledge we earned recants

our dreams as do a child’s.


The jeers from well-wishers toward

prophets our doom decreed

but my ghost stood aside that horde

of madmen and agreed.


We sailed past heights of ancient rock

upon old stages perched

where impatient people would flock

the horizon they searched.


That final boundary now passed

that yet forbidding wall

at every warning we laughed

a new challenge was all.


As twins with sutures of flesh tied

against what gods had sewn

the other’s face could not unhide

though it was so well known.


The shadowed hemisphere our jail

nor through epochs would turn

astronomy had told the tale

the truth we would now learn.


It did rise as we knew it must

as armed we were with math

it dawned over the world’s far crust

and we gripped in its path.


As a truculent god above

with knowledge absolute

for our trespass no defense of

hiding our profane route.


In all directions gray waves faced

in rows of subjects bowed

supplicants before it abased

some mad king’s throne did crowd.


To that strange court our ship that day

like an ambassador

from a nation of dirt and clay

vulgar and nothing more.


A countenance of such beauty

too much our minds to bear

past ken of mortal agency

artless to shield its glare.


The crew as one the gunwales scaled

until ‘twas I alone

adrift and wishing once more jailed

with those yet safe at home.


Blork. If that isn’t pretentious shit I don’t know what is.


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