Dark of the Moon

Here’s an idea for poem number 2. In a nutshell: life also evolved on the moon; it has water and an atmosphere; the landmass is concentrated on what Earth-dwellers call the dark side of the moon, meaning that the sentient life forms that evolve on the moon never see the Earth. Eventually they develop the technology to sail over the horizon, and finally see the Earth rising up out of the sea before them. This poem is about what that moment would be like.


1. we’re on the moon

an orb – a brother or cousin – spinning – dancing – hurtling – inevitable dance of the eons – near yet always out of reach

that brother orb or cousin, spinning in an inevitable dance for eons

Conceive a place from us forever hidden

An eons long dance our back always turned

Instead of above ideas, let’s go with the command – command – question format

“Conceive a world eternally turned away

as lovers in an eons long fight without possibility of reconciliation

2. life has evolved

conceive of life evolving there as on Earth – water and atmosphere – recipe for life fulfilled

conceive of its recipe for life fulfilled with air and water

“Conjoined at birth and no man with the art to render assunder

as though cruel sutures of flesh binding them yet keeping them apart

3. parallels the Earth in many ways / 6. sentient life evolves but never sees the Earth

life emerges, evolves – epoch upon epoch – sentient life similar to humans appears

from those countless epochs a beast emerges with the will to rise and seize its own destiny

4. land masses are concentrated on the far side of the moon / 5. tidally locked orbits

it rises to view the cosmos but cannot see the elder brother, trapped on the far side of the tidally locked moon

7. millenia pass

millenia fade into history as the epoch turns

8. technology reaches a point where long-distance ocean travel is possible

the will to master destiny spawns marvels of technology

9. we’ve built a magnificent ship

ship metaphors – tall, wood, brass, canvas, hemp

10. we sail over that final horizon

finally able to conquer the final horizon, escape the prison

11. our mathematicians have assured us its existence

what has been known mathematically for centuries

12. our astronomers have yearned to see it

what has been discovered again and again in the imaginings of the astronomers

“ancient watchtowers rising out of the surf holding aloft observatories for those would would stand with strained eyes and toes for a glimpse”

13. but when we do finally see it rising out of the horizon

those few who mastered their fears and strode to the world’s end and beyond

“all the waves abased before it like suplicants before some mad king”

“to that strange court our vessel was an ambassador from some rude land of dirt and clay”

14. will we be able to emotionally handle the experience

nothing could prepare us – rising out of the horizon like the unblinking eye of a wrathful god

15. or will we flee from it or hurl ourselves into the water

overwhelming – the kind of horror that only an excess of beauty can communicate – the weak collapse in worship – the strong case themselves into the deep

I think I’ll go for iambic pentameter on this. (da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM). Rhyme scheme… aa bb?

Idea for structure: 4 or 6 line stanzas (6 works I think), 3 of them, last line is a question, possibly last two lines

Stanza 1: set up the situation

Stanza 2: embarking on voyage, armed with mathematics

Stanza 3: revelation

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