And I Don’t Even Know It

My short story is due in a week, so I should really be working on that. But instead I’m stuck thinking about this poem that isn’t due for a month. Oh well.

“In the Menagerie”

Stanza 1: introduce the scene, a man with his son in a zoo (but it’s an alien man and alien zoo)

Stanza 2: the human cities

they had cities very much akin to those mounds of grit and organic secretions one observes in any number of insectoids

wherein the hunched and agorophobic lurked under fragile roofs and within fragile walls and burned lumps of their planet they had dug up for the purpose

coughing over the fumes and pouring filth into their skies

Stanza 3: charity

malevolent in their ignorance

worshipping life so that they cheapen it

valuable only for quantity and nothing for quality

Stanza 4: reproduction

The men celebratory

for their protomatter issued as a twisting knot of snakes writhing in some dismal defile

The women celebratory

as they cure their infection by disgorging a parasite of screams and want

Stanza 5: closing

The slaughterer and the slaughtered both beseeched the same god

But he didn’t love them enough to save them from themselves

And he sure as Hell didn’t love them enough to save them from us

But even millenia of atrocity can produce some good

As a lesson for us as we stand here now

And see the brute, declawed and naked

A monkey in a cage


I’ll be returning to this post periodicaly to work on this poem. Currently it’s too obvious and the ideas are expanded upon enough. Plus I need a good opening and a better closing.

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