Let’s Give This a Try…

Here’s the outline, then, for Part at Steve’s!

  1. Steve is on his balcony, waiting for guests to arrive — change: the party has started, many guests are there, Steve has escaped to the balcony
  2. He observes the view and notes a homeless man in the alley
  3. His girlfriend, Nancy, arrives, they talk briefly about the party — change: Nancy pokes her head out the balcony door, the talk briefly, she goes back in
  4. Nancy goes into the apartment to prepare, Steve notes a group of young men entering the alley
  5. Guests arrive: Darrel and Dick, a gay couple from Nancy’s work
  6. Darrel and Dick come on to the balcony and with Steve observe the thugs harassing the homeless man, they make light of the situation
  7. Party is growing in intensity: louder, talking giving way to laughter and some dancing as alcohol kicks in, possibly drugs
  8. Third guest arrives: Cheryl, a friend of Nancy’s, they stay in the apartment talking — change: mention her, possibly, she’s been there all along
  9. Fourth guest arrives: Cody, friend of Steve’s from work, he pauses to admire Cheryl before joining Steve on the balcony, they watch the conflict below and then discuss Cheryl, with Cody expressing romantic interest (although he’s only just met her)
  10. Fifth guest arrives: Jesse, metro sexual and resident of the same building, friend of Steve and Nancy’s, Jesse is an object of desire for Darrel and Dick, seeing him arrive, Darrel and Dick go into the apartment, leaving Steve and Cody on the balcony, who then discuss Cheryl
  11. Guests continue to arrive the fight in the alley builds in intensity
  12. Party builds as well: someone has turned the music up, guests are dancing, making out
  13. Nancy and Cheryl come onto the balcony, all four observe the fight, Cheryl is disturbed, hugs herself, Cody escorts her back inside
  14. Jesse comes onto balcony, observes conflict with Steve and Nancy, remarks on safety of building/neighbourhood, need for security
  15. Others come onto balcony, remark on party, observe conflict below, remark on conflict
  16. Steve goes into the apartment for a beer, also to check on Cody and Cheryl, can’t find them, checks his bedroom, they are fucking on his bed
  17. The balcony is crowded now, Steve can hear someone taking bets, Nancy’s face is lit with an orange glow
  18. Steve comes out, pushes to the rail, below the young men are running off, homeless man is on fire, thrashing about on the ground
  19. Party-goers remark on scene below, a number express disgust and go back into the apartment, the homeless man is dragging himself across the alley, someone offers to take bets he doesn’t make it as far as the dumpster
  20. Assorted comments, as the homeless man dies and the fire dies down so does the party
  21. Steve sees Cody leave, shortly afterward Cheryl appears as if looking for Cody, then she too leaves, appearing distraught, various other party-goers leave, Darrel and Dick leave with Jesse
  22. Nancy says she isn’t spending the night, also leaves
  23. Steve observes the charred corpse, then goes in and retires for the night after cleaning up the worst of the mess
  24. Closing is brief, something like, “Steve checked the morning news before he left for work; there was no mention of the incident.”

Does it work? I still think it might suck, but I can try writing it out.


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