Now With a Purpose

So this is the morning after my first creative writing class. Good experience so far. Here’s the important part: I need to submit a piece of prose in 2 weeks and a piece of poetry a couple of weeks after that. Poetry! Actually, I think it’s three pieces of poetry. The idea is that the class is basically a workshop where the class critiques each others’ work – so the class before your work is being “workshopped” you bring in enough copies of your work for everyone to read and then the next week the slaughter commences.

With that in mind, I need to get cracking on a piece of prose here. Actually, before that I need to have a couple of pages of prose that I consider to be… evocative I suppose, or demonstrative of the objective corollary. I think I might copy a couple of pages from Blood Meridian. It’s a crazy violent book and Cormac MacCarthy could squeeze about ten years of prose into a paragraph if he wanted to, so I’m sure I can find a couple of good pages.

Back to the prose… a few posts back I scratched out some prose from my Party at Steve’s! short story project. You know, I still have mixed feelings about that exclamation mark in the title, but for now it’s staying. So the question is, do I keep going with that project for my creative writing class, or do I do something different? The submission is only 4-8 pages double-sided, which is like 1-2 thousand words at the outside; maybe I’ll write up the Party at Steve’s! excerpt and then write up something different and submit which ever I like best.

Short post today. More to come.


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