The Difference of all Fears

There’s really only one problem. I don’t mean there’s only one problem with anything in particular; I mean that in the entirety of the human condition there is only a single problem. I suppose I should say here that I mean ‘problem’ from the perspective of a typical human being. As in, if an enormous asteroid was hurtling towards Earth and the entire planet was going to be annihilated, your typical human being would see that as a problem. In the scheme of things, from a universal perspective, stuff like that happens all the time. I mean, at any given moment literally countless planets are being destroyed by supernovas, black holes, whatever – so, I don’t think the Earth being annihilated by an asteroid is a problem in an absolute sense; it’s actually rather trivial; however, most humans would look at it from a self-interested perspective and label it a ‘problem’.

But asteroids aren’t the problem. The problem is ignorance. Of course, we hear about (and even witness or experience) other problems – disease, starvation, conflict, and so forth. In my opinion those aren’t problems; they’re symptoms. A symptom is… well, this is the Internet age, I’ll tell you exactly what a symptom is – “Anything that indicates, or is characteristic of, the presence of something else, especially of something undesirable.” (That’s from the Wikipedia dictionary). And in my opinion, most problems are characteristic of the presence of ignorance, hence they are not problems at all, but symptoms.

So if there’s only one problem, could it also be that there is only one solution? That would make life a lot simpler, wouldn’t it? I know what you’re thinking: “well, shucks, if the problem is ignorance, then the solution must be education!” No, the solution is depopulation.

Education seems like a solution, but in reality it’s a band-aid. I do think that an educated person can make a difference. It could be growing the economy by starting a successful business, treating and curing diseases, or building a giant laser to destroy incoming asteroids. This is all ultimately meaningless though, because there will always be a more people who are uneducated, the masses of ignorance dragging civilizations back into the primordial slime. Why “always?” Because one of the hallmarks of the educated person is that they don’t procreate very much. This is statistically a provable point. As education levels rise, people have fewer and fewer children, to the point that the average children per female drop to below 2 and the population starts to shrink. However, the procreation rates among the uneducated remain high, and in some cases growing. Therefore, the population of the educated tends to always be shrinking while the population of the ignorant is always growing.

So, the race to solve the problem of ignorance through education, while noble, is futile. The remaining solution is to depopulate the Earth, and indeed, the universe, of Homo sapiens entirely. This would utterly solve every problem (or ‘symptom’) conceivable. In fact, I’ll pause for a minute here and give you a chance to come up with a single problem that would persist once the human race no longer exists.

Anything? I thought not. There’s an amazing movement out there called VHEMT. It stands (loosely, I’ll admit) for the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. Check out their website; you can even get t-shirts. I’m a proud member of the movement, myself. It turns out, though, to be very, very difficult to convince some people that procreation is actually a very destructive act, and that they should ignore their “biological clocks” and not have children. Possibly because “convincing” is effectively the same thing as “educating,” and we’ve already covered the inherent flaws with education. Still, the movement persists, as do I.

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