The Dawn of a New Epoch

A suitably dramatic title for the flagship post of my new blog, I think. I suppose I’m off to a rough start by beginning my blog with a sentence fragment, but for now I think I’ll try not to be enslaved by the strictest rules of grammar.

So, what is this blog all about? Let me start by writing a little bit about myself. My name is Paul Johnson. Do people normally share their real names on these things? It doesn’t matter. One of the things I like about my name – correction – the one thing I like about my name is that it lends itself to a certain anonymity. There are innumerable Paul Johnsons in the world, and Paul Johnson the cost accountant is hardly going to stand out from that crowd. That’s correct, I’m an accountant. A Certified Management Accountant, which is a sort of professional accountant who specializes in strategy, management, and cost accounting, working for Maple Leaf Foods. Bored yet? Accounting is actually a misunderstood profession. It isn’t as “sexy” a profession as some of the others: doctors and lawyers get TV shows made about them; even engineers are held in pretty high regard with the Discovery Channel documentaries about building spaceships and blowing up old buildings. What do accountants get? Sympathy.

At any rate, this blog is not and will not become about accounting. Not to say that the occasional post may not touch upon an accounting topic if I find it relevant and/or interesting, but in general my reason for starting a blog has nothing to do with my career – or at least my present career.

Something I’ve aspired to basically my entire life is to write. I’ve enjoyed writing for as long as I can recall. I’m not sure I’ve ever been especially good at it; I’d go so far as to say that I feel I’m competent yet lacking in experience. On that point, virtually every piece of advice I’ve read on the art and career of a writer is that in order to even hope to succeed you must write. Which makes so much sense it sounds like the sort of obviousness that isn’t even worth mentioning, but I think there’s a lot of meaning in that particular bit of wisdom.

As I’ve heard it told, writing is very much like any other trade. And it’s called a trade as often, or perhaps more often than it’s called an art. And like any trade, in order to succeed you must above all practice. The most commonly reoccurring advice I’ve seen is that an aspiring writer should be in the habit of writing every single day – no exceptions. Hence the blog.

The beauty of this blog is that it has no specific cohesive topic. In the world of successful blogging, I’m sure that would be suicide, but this blog has no illusions of becoming a well-read, popular blog. This is the very definition of the humble, unknown blog. I’m writing this blog to an audience; the audience being a vaguely envisioned mass of humanity representing basically the whole world, just because I know that writing needs an audience. But this blog, while written to that audience, is not written for that audience. That may be paradoxical, but my intention here is to hone my writing skills and to give myself something of a creative outlet, not to entertain or inform anyone in particular or even in general.

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